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Each article presented to the editorial office of the “Finansovye issledovania” journal, necessarily undergoes reviewing procedure obligatory. This procedure is anonymous both for the author, and for the reviewer. As reviewers the journal involves both  members of the editorial board, and external experts. The reviewer should have a scientific degree of candidate or doctor of sciences or experience of practical work in the given sphere.

1. After being received  the article is registered, considered by the editorial board and is given for reviewing to the experts in corresponding sphere. The reviewer should estimate:

  • Scientific level of an article;

  • Urgency of presented questions;

  • Novelty and informativity;

  • Conformity of volume to the chosen subject.

2. Within 15 working days the article should be estimated by the reviewer and the response should be issued in the form of the review (volume 1-2 p.). The review structure should meet the following requirements:

  • Whether it is necessary to publish the material,

  • Whether to return to the author (authors) for completion,

  • Whether to send the material for additional reviewing
    (Given the names of possible reviewers),

  • Or to reject the material as unsuitable for publication
    (With motivation of refusal).

3. When it is recommended “to publish the material after completion” the reviewer should point out the remarks (requirements to the given material) which are obligatory from  his (her) point of view.
The reviewer should also single out the remarks which can be considered as desirable changes.

4. In case of disagreement with the reviewer’s opinion the author of the article has the right to give a reasonable answer to the journal editorial committee. The article can be directed to additional reviewing or to the editorial board for coordination.

5. The article changed according to the remarks of the reviewer goes back to the reviewer. If the article processed by the author and approved by the reviewer meets the editorial board requirements, it is published in the journal.



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