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  • The Material offered for the publication should be original, not published earlier in other printing editions, written in a context of modern scientific literature, and contain an obvious element of new knowledge creation.
  • The Author(s) send(s) to the editorial center 2 copies of article (signed by the author) in printed and in electronic form (by e-mail for nonresident authors to the address: research@inbox.ru). Information in printing and in electronic form should contain the following files: information about the author(s), article, the short and expanded summary. For post-graduate students (competitors) the review of the supervisor of studies is obligatory. The payment for the publication of manuscripts is not collected from post-graduate students.
  • Information about the author(s) contains: the title of the article (in Russian and English) and full names of authors (up to two authors), their working place, position, scientific degree, academic status, address and contact phone.
  • The title of the article, full names of the author(s), short summary of the article (up to 600 printed. signs), keywords (up to 10 words), bibliographic lists should be presented in Russian and in English. Summaries should not contain references to sections, formulas, drawings, numbers of the quoted literature.
  • Article Volume should not exceed 0,5 printed signs (20000 printed signs - 12 p.) of the printed text of Ŕ4 format, including tables, bibliographical list and figures (schemes). The full name of the author should be over the title of the article on the right (for post-graduate students there also should be the signature of the supervisor of studies).
  • Files with the text of the article and data on the author should be made out in MS WORD format, type - Times New Roman, the size - 14, an interval - 1,5. Fields: top, bottom - 2,5sm, right - 2,2 sm, left - 3 sm.
  • The editor recommended for formulas is MS Equation 3.0.
  • Tables, figures and schemes should be: black-and-white, numbered and entitled, supplied by references to sources.
  • For tables and figures it is necessary to use the following parameters: type – Arial, 12, an interval - 1.
  • A sign “indissoluble blank” (see Insert - "Symbols") which marks imposing prohibition should precede the units of measures (m; kg; rbl; etc.) and abbreviation. To separate imposition from the number defined by them. The same concerns the initials and surnames.
  • Typographical inverted commas («») are used when they exist in the text. The dash is designated by a symbol «–» (a long dash); a hyphen «-».
  • The Bibliographic list should be given un the order of mentioning in the end of the article. In the text there should be references in square brackets only on the published materials. References to foreign sources are given in a foreign language and if translated into Russian are accompanied with the references.
  • Names of the foreign companies, financial institutions are used in the text in Latin letters without inverted commas and stresses. Surnames of foreign scientists, heads of the companies etc. mentioned in the text in Russian are to be written in Latin letters in round brackets if it is not followed by the reference to work of the foreign author.
The editorial board reserves the right to reduce articles, editing them if necessary.



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