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Nikolai G. Kuznetsov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation



Dear authors and colleagues!

Allow me to thank the authors, reviewers, editorial board of the journal for scientific competence and high quality of the materials provided! The editorial board of the journal "Financial Research" also thanks the authors and readers for fruitful cooperation in the preparation of original, high quality scientific articles that analyze theoretical and practice-oriented strategic problems of national economic development. The editorial board will give preference to scholarly articles that contain unconventional, innovative ideas that will serve as a basis for professional discussions on the journal's pages. But our plans are feasible only if the authors are in full agreement with the editorial board's requirements to prepare articles with relevant topics in line with the May Decrees of the Russian President and national projects.
The journal's priority topics also include the institutional environment of the Russian economy adapting to the new strategic vector defined by the digital economy. The Journal's publications are aimed at scientists, analysts, the business community, government officials, postgraduates, students and readers with a professional interest in the regularities of socio-economic development of our country and the global economy.



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