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Scientific educational and applied journal Finansovye issledovania specialises in the field of methodology, theory and practice of finance, money circulation, credit and stock market, corporate finance management.

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Press, TV and radio broadcasting and mass media.

The certificate of mass-media registration: PI 77-76372 from 02.08.2019

Subscription index of the journal in the incorporated catalogue Russian Press 41962.

Periodicity: quarterly

Chief editor: Doctor of Economics, professor Nikolai Kuznetsov G.


The journal is the only one in the south of Russia specialised in the field of finance and credit. Publishing is carried out on self-financing principles by the Rostov state economic university "RINH", the largest scientific educational centre in the field of finance and credit in Southern federal district.

The journal concept is focused on theoretical generalisation and applied analysis of world and national financial and monetary systems development, stock market. It also reveals national and regional specific features and consequences of the national and regional financial market inclusion in the world financial market system.

The subjects include theoretical development, applied research provided in cooperation with foreign scientists, methodical development, and etc. in the following directions:

  • Financial markets and the global financial architecture;
  • Public finance;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Business estimation and corporate management;
  • Banking;
  • Investment;
  • Theoretical aspects of insurance;
  • Scientific life;
  • Etc.

Circle of authors:

  • Leading scientists of Southern federal district and Russia, practical workers in the sphere of finance and credit;

Potential consumers:

  • Banks, state bodies;
  • Educational and scientific centers of Russia and Southern federal district.


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